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216-Digits is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 by Massimo Nardotto after a decade of research, to provide answers to fundamental questions for humanity, such as the notion of Time on Earth.

216-Digits is a project of unification between number theory and numerology, theoretical physics and metaphysics, and science and religion, through the decoding of a numerical matrix of 216-digits of which Massimo Nardotto is the author, who comes from the Fibonacci sequence in Module 9, which transposes, by a numerical point of view, the verses of Exodus, 14.19 to 21.

216-Digits is a way to discover the truth hidden on what is shared between the “Real World” and the “Imaginary World” with original computation models, such as the Gematria in T9, the algorithms TaiChi and Star, or the equation of Time, linking the dimension of time on Earth to the evolution of a couple of natural numbers.

One of the results of the fundamental research provided by 216-Digits is the fact that the year 2028 AC presents some singularity from a numerical point of view. For the reasons of the study it is called Event Horizon.

Nothing is bigger than it looks.

Enjoy the reading,
Massimo Nardotto
Founder and President of 216-Digits


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