The tree of knowledge indicates that we are living the Apocalypse

Apocalypse means Revelation, Destruction or Accomplishment.

“In the history of the world, the foundation of a city and the birth of a human being have a metaphysical meaning.
Thus, for about 2000 years, the foundation of the “eternal” city and the birth of Jesus Christ have been linked by the same history, in a sort of parallelism of the measurement of time, through the diffusion of the religious doctrine for which they had been reached and overcome 264 successors after he who founded his Church on the stone.
Jesus Christ, the man who more than any other has marked the course of time, and Rome, the city that has implicitly lived all the contradictions of matter and spirit have a strongly linked past, which still lives in the present.
The Latin system considered the calculation of the years since the foundation of Rome. This was fixed at the traditional date of April 21st 753 before Christ.
It seems that Pope Boniface IV was the first to recognize the connection between the era of Ab Urbe Condita, calculated from the foundation of the city and from the Anno Domini era, calculated from the coming of Jesus Christ.
The calculations underlying the Anno Domini system were previously developed by a monk called Dionigi Il Piccolo, as a result of his work on the calculation of Easter by Pope John I.
According to his calculations, the incarnation of Jesus Christ took place in the year 753 from the foundation of Rome.
This year was therefore adopted as the year 1 after Christ on the Julian calendar. In later times, the Gregorian calendar became the official calendar of the Western world, taking the name of Pope Gregory XIII.
It’s a solar calendar, based on the cycle of the seasons. The year consists of 12 months of different durations for a total of 365 or 366 days. The Gregorian calendar thus continues the numbering of the years of Julian.
The dating system according to the Anno Domini is currently dominant in most countries of the world. It has become the reference standard, approved by all world organizations.
An elegant coincidence means that the year 969 Ab Urbe Condita corresponds to the year Domini 216. The difference between these two years reversed on themselves with respect to the horizontal plane gives 912 minus 696, still 216.
If a medal presents the same identical representation of the two sides to the observer, it means that it represents at the same time two same crosses or two same heads: the Christian cross, symbol of the passion, whose use appears in 264 BC, at the time of the wars Punic, and dell’ankh, the Egyptian symbol representing the cycles of life, are the most widespread; the head, the identifying symbol of a man and his intelligence, the representation of his conscience.
Life, normally welded by the same soul to consciousness, thus becomes, in a certain moment, through an unprecedented mathematical representation, the emblem of the double opposition of life and knowledge in the course of history.
A moment that recalls the universal spirit of the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, symbol of knowledge, which according to the Bible were situated in the garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were created by God.
Around this bipolarity, an inexorable count in the history of the world accompanies the periods of oscillation of humanity around a center, from a Genesis and up to an expected time, that of the end of time “.

From the introduction of the unpublished book L’Homme de l’Apocalypse, Massimo Nardotto, 2012.

1. 216: The number of digits that make up the 216-digits matrix, also known as Nardotto Sequence in a protected American site, where according to some sources the truth about the nature of time and man is condensed.
2. 969 has the meaning of King, since in the French alphabet, the original language in which the work of The Man of the Apocalypse was initially realized in the period of residence of the author in Paris, the Gematria in T9 gives the word ROI.
3. 264, squared gives the value of the tree of knowledge, in the value of 69696, the largest palindrome number known to mankind, to be at the same time the sum of two twin primes and a square of a number, 264 for ‘precisely.
4. 696 minus 612 gives the value 84 which represents the value of Massimo Nardotto, as well as Napoleon Bonapart in the T9 Gematria.
5. 84 is the oscillatory value of (x + y) in the fundamental equation of time π (x + y) (t-xy) = 69696 where π has the value of the approximation calculated by Archimedes from Syracuse for a polygon of a lap angle expressed in degrees and 264.
6. 612 is the result of 4 times 153, the number of large fish caught by Jesus Christ appeared to some apostles, throwing the nets to the right of the boat, and a mirror image of 216, at the end of the New Testament written by John.
7. 2028AD is the temporal singularity represented by the analysis of the 216-digits matrix as well as the vertex of the parabola represented by the equation of time.
8. 2012AD is the year in which (xy) in the time equation has the value 8, representing the entrance to the apocalyptic period we are living, so the oscillatory difference between x and y in the time equation is less than 9, the number of figures in nature.
9. Massimo Nardotto in T9 gematria has the values ​​of 38 and 46, which represent x and y in the time equation when t is equal to 2012.